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Why Home Tutors are Slowly losing their students in online tutoring ?

Why Home Tutors are Slowly losing their students in online tutoring ?

Below is the Complete Analysis of current situation with respect to Online Tutoring as per our observation.

We have received following Feedback from Parents on Online Tutoring –

  1. Not using Online screens Utilities:Tutors are not Using Annotations (Onscreen Pen, Spotlight, Highlighter etc. ), Supporting Materials for online lectures.
  2. Content Not Available:After Lecture Assessments/Notes/Test/Quiz & Test corrections not been provided on a regular basis.
  3. Higher Fees:Fees are higher as compared to other providers with better services.
  4. Not Effective as home TUITION’S:Internet connection issues are time wasting and we are paying for the time lost during connection delay.

What we have faced ?

Day by day our tutors are losing their current students so are we. Reasons given by most parents [Point 1, 2, 3 & 4] 

Based on complete market research, we have given some feedback to tutors to correct the shortcomings and work on improvements on your online tutoring methods.

Tutors, who did not take the feedback seriously, have lost their students as they tried to apply the same approach of home tutoring in online tutoring which did not workout. Same Medicine cannot be used to cure all diseases. 

They did not have the right mindset of improvement.  

In more than 60% of the cases, existing tutors were replaced by tutors who had a better online approach. And Rest, we have lost the students completely. They switched to other providers.

Online tutoring is the need of an Hour and improvement is mandatory to survive/compete with the others competitors & Tutors.

What Parents/students need ?

  • Effective online lecture with digital content (PPT/Documents)
  • After Lecture Support- Doubt Solving, Homework,Assessment- Test, Online Quiz, Notes etc.
  • Reasonable Fees as per Market Rates of Online Tutoring.

Our Understanding

After Lockdown, Parents have switched From Home Tutoring to Online tutoring with the same tutor. At this stage, they did this due to following multiple reasons-

    • Temporary Approach – They Thought Lockdown is for few days and after that home tuitions will be Resumed.
    • Online Providers Service and Budget -They did not know much about other online tutoring services and how effectively technology can be utilized. 
    • Connection with GuruTAP Tutors –  Students are comfortable with the current tutors.

Current Scenario – Parents have started comparing our services with other providers/Tutors. Students / Parents came to know about better services from their Classmates/Friends/Family etc.

Steps Taken By GuruTAP-

We have started working on the following

  1. Digital Content for Supporting Online Lectures
  2. After Class Support – Quick Notes/Question Bank/Practice Paper /Test Paper/Quiz (MCQ online Test)
  3. Budget Friendly- Online Group Tutoring (Complete course plan with topics and durations)
  4. Structured Online System. Materials made will be made available for the tutors and their students.
  5. We are also working on a few more systems which will help tutors in many ways.

How can Tutor support us ?

  1. Improvements in Online Session- Using PPT, Doc and Supporting content during live class. Making Plan for Each Session in terms of – Duration, Topics to be covered.
  2. Using Supporting Materials like, Assessment- Test Papers ,Quiz , Quick Notes, Homeworks and evaluating students performance.
  3. Providing Extra Support to the Students – By Taking extra time like 15 mins to 30 mins. (Note- While updating Lecture do not update this extra time. Just mention this in remark and keep parents informed)

Most Effective Online Teaching Methods-

Using Digital Pen/Pad combined with supporting PPT/Material. Tutors are advised to purchase Digital Pen/Pad. Reach to our team and we will help you.

We at GuruTAP are a community of 5000+ Teachers Registered. We can work together as a team on different aspects. This will help us improve and grow together.Collaborate with our team and start working on making content/materials.

If you have any further feedback and suggestions please feel free to share with us.
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