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Topography-10 ICSE

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Course Overview

Being able to Solve questions from Topography Maps is one of the most important and scoring sections in ICSE Class 10. In this course, students learn how to locate features on the map through grid references, learn how to interpret symbols in topo maps, also identify different scales and measuring distances, etc. This course also includes critical definitions and over 10+ practice sheets with answers for students to revise.

[All the practice sheets provided during the course are based on Topography Maps of India 45 D/7 and 45 D/10 as per the latest ICSE Class 10 syllabus of Geography]

Course summary

This course offers a comprehensive study of Topography.
Topics covered under the course includes-

  • Detailed explanation of terminologies
  • Concepts of contours and contour intervals
  • Different types of color patterns
  • All the conventional signs and symbols.

On completing this course students will be able to read the topo map and decode the information easily.


Session 1: Introduction to Topography
What is Topography ?
Session 2: Scale, Direction & Area Calculation
Session 3: Conventional Signs & Symbols `{`I`}`
Session 4: Conventional Signs & Symbols `{`II`}`
Session 5: Contours
Session 6: Drainage Patterns & Settlements
Session 7: Occupations
Session 8: Actual Reading Of Topo Maps
Session 9: Doubt Solving
Session 9: Doubt Solving
Session 10: Paper Solving
Start On June 8, 2016
Duration 10 Sessions
Level Master
Seat avaiable 34
Price 2,500.00

34 in stock

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